Another beautiful Urdu Book by Abu Yahya “Bas Yehi Dil” on the Internet. Very heart touching and informative book for a group of. Bas Yehi Dil Book By Abu Yahha. بس یہی دل از ابو یحیی Dil By Abu Yahha. Labels: Abu Yahya5 Adventures Books Islamic_books urdu_books . Bas Yehi Dil New by Abu Yahya. Uploaded by saif ur rehman. urdu book, written by Abu yahya. must read. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC).

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Tehi starter Khalid Start date Feb 11, Real picture of this rock: Sitting on a branch of flowers, the nightingale rejoices It has strewn thorns in the garden of my heart.

More details about the book can be found at: Shah Faisal ko us ke bhateejay ne kis ke hukam par qatal kia??? Yahyaa Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Bas Yehi Dil by Abu Yahyah PDF Book

Only we can improve Pakistan’s problem. This site uses cookies. Bari Bi Ka Masla: The nightingale complains about neither the sentinel nor the hunter Fate had decreed imprisonment during the harvest of spring.

What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Agar amrica ko hum toor bhi daen, lekn ager hum morally corrupt hoon gey, tou kiya janat mil jaaye gi?

Bas Yehi Dil By Abu Yahha

If we know where we went wrong, then a new approach is possible. Zulifqar ali bhutho ko phansi kiya kisi gher muslim country main di abi thi? Started by tarzanfaridi Last post by: Shah faisal ka bhatija kiya gher muslim tha??


The story was well written. How unfortunate is Zafar!

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I have found different captions of this ril on different websites, but all of them were indicating about some miracle. When I did the research, I come to a conclusion that this picture is fake. For new articles, please visit plugnread. Saboo Today at 4: Yeh baat koi is writer ko bata de us ke baad Zulfiqar ali bhutto kis ke hukam par phansi charaya gaya Allah tamam musalmanon ko Abu Yahya jaise writers se fehfoz rakhay aameen.


Yes we can, Insha Allah. Fat Amigo Today at 3: They use slogans like Punjabi Sindhi, Blouchi, Pathans etc, etc.

Noora and Zardari are master in using this tool, and also those 4 groups I mentioned above. Aur hum aap ki baat aabu maan lain gey. It is increasingly important to develop powerful means for analyzing such data and to extract knowledge that could help in decision-making.

Ek Pakistani Citizen Mar 22, Alhamdulillah hi Rab ul Alameen: Tell these longings to go dwell elsewhere What space is there for them in this besmirched heart?

Bas Yehi Dil By Abu Yahha | Free Urdu Books Downloading, Islamic Books, Novels

More details about the book can be found at:. These four groups have no moral, faith or religon. You must log in or register to reply here. Naved Qurban Today at 7: It was the rock where the Prophet Muhammad S. Koi ais Kam hehi Writer ko yeh batai ke Ummat e muslima ka har woh Leader jo apne mulk ke liye kaam karta tha us ke qatal ka order yehi non muslim mumalik ki taraf se aata tha Shah Faisal jo aik bohut ghairat mand musalman thajis ke dil main Islam ki mohabbat aur puri ummat e muslima ka dard tha us ko kis ne Qatal karwaya????

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