A biosand filter (BSF) is an adaptation of the traditional slow sand filter, which has been used for community drinking water treatment for years. The biosand. Biosand Filter: A biosand filter is a simple type of water purification system that uses sand, gravel, gravity and some simple engineering to purify water. A BSF is a household water treatment technology. It was inspired by slow sand filtration, a water treatment process that has been used since the early s.

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Water Use Module 5: Summary and brief evaluation of main household water treatment and safe storage HWTS options for developing countries. The concrete Biosand filter is an innovative version of the slow sand filter specifically designed for household use. The biological layer typically takes 20 to 30 days to develop to maturity in a new filter depending on inlet water quality and usage CAWST A Solution to the Production of Safe Drinking.

Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development. If the water is relatively clean turbidity less than 30 NTUthe filter can likely run for several months without this maintenance procedure. Chlorinated water should not be poured into this filter as chlorine kills microorganisms presented in biofilm resulting in low pathogen removal performance. The objectives of this project include warer establishment of local entrepreneurs for a financially sustainable distribution mechanism, the capacity-building of local people towards long-term, user-participatory safe water provision, the dissemination of KAF filted from a central technology centre, as well as networking with other water supply implementers.


There are many modern and traditional alternative technologies for improving the utility and augmenting the supply of water being employed in various countries, but with limited application elsewhere due to the lack of information transfer among water resources managers and planners.

Biosand filter – Wikipedia

The BSFs was developed by Dr. Family in Jhapa, Nepal using a concrete biosand filter to treat drinking water.

Source water is poured onto a diffuser plate at the top of the filter to prevent disturbing the top layer of sand. Large suspended particles and pathogens are bioaand in the top of the sand and partially plug the pore spaces between the sand grains. Water Purification Module 7: The biosand Filter is a proven technology, which removes pathogens such as bacteria, protozoa and helminth.

Rockford MI Rotary Club.

David Manz in the late s at the University of CalgaryCanada. The high cost of plastic prevents its use in rural India. The biofilm contributes to the removal of pathogens due to predation and competition for food of non-harmful microorganisms contained in the biofilm and the harmful organisms in the water. The purpose of this paper is to describe the development, knowledge and the present design of the concrete household biosand water filter in a manner easily understood by readers who may or may not have advanced training in water treatment engineering.

The addition of primary effluent or waste water facilitates growth of the biofilm which aids bacterial die-off. Such health perceptions on the use of biosand filter has shown to be more positive in long-term users.

Biosand filter

It poured through a slow sand filter and results showed that turbidity decreased to a mean of 1. A biosand filter BSF is a point-of-use water treatment system adapted from traditional slow sand filters.


Water Science and Technology. The clean water then exits through the plastic piping for a family to collect in clean containers. Water Distribution Further Resources: Our first projects in partnership with them will take place in Cameroon.

How Biosand Water Filtration Systems Work

The drinking water produced with the Biosand process is tasteless, clear in color, odorless and safe for drinking. The high water level hydraulic head in the inlet reservoir zone pushes bkosand water through the diffuser and filter, then decreases as water flows evenly through the sand.

Phosphorus and Food Security Further Resources: This study provides results of laboratory and field studies on removal of E. Your donation to ibosand water project will go directly to those groups bringing clean water to Africa.

When traveling to a third world country it might be best to take with you the proper mesh screens. This training manual provides overview on biosand filters including construction, installation, operation and maintenance of BSF. The stainless steel filter, called Bioxand, offers increased filtration rate and better portability than concrete models and better production quality control.