“@douglaswils depictions, though comically exaggerated, are essentially accurate not only of Christian culture but of an America in which middle-class suburbia. 1 Jun Evangellyfish Douglas Wilson   What do you get when you mix up a megachurch sex scandal, a Reformed. Evangellyfish has ratings and reviews. Christopher said: Originally, I was leery about reading a novel written by a theologian (i.e. what does To.

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Burrow rated it it was amazing. So, by trying to tell the truth one’s culture and blind spots are ignored and therefore glaring. I’m thinking in particular of the three good guys: Buuuuuuut there evangelkyfish waaaayyyyyy too many characters developed What if John Mitchell sinned and had hidden it?

He is often insightful, often hilarious, and always enjoyable. When you mock everything, you don’t really say anything.

I guess it’s not satire either.

Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson

Decent read overall with some funny lines. From there a dense web of relationships bring Pastor Mitchell in and out of the narrative through to a fitting and true to life conclusion.

This in itself is a wonder, but Wilson doesn’t just leave us with cynicism, irony and satire, he also weaves in very redemption without this being an “everyone gets rvangellyfish at the end” kind of Christian story. As you wipe your feet before entering the house, here I shall open with a confession: People hurt us, and we don’t understand.

Also, lol that Doug wove his dad into part of the story, teaching the seminar on confession of sin. Even half-way through the book I was unsure, but Pastor Wilson warmed my frosty heart, and by the end, I stayed up late in order to finish it.

Similes from nature evangellyfis an effect different from similes from technology, for example, and I wonder if Wilson discriminates sufficiently. Apr 20, Steve Hemmeke rated it liked it.


When Lester is falsely accused of molesting a young male counselee, his universe begins to crumble. The plot revolves around a megachurch pastor and his staff. Originally, I was leery about reading a novel written by a theologian i.

Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson –

Not only is everything better and lighter, the ending creates a new world. There is a knowing, omniscient narrator that is part egangellyfish the point of the book.

My Amazon review Funny! He often does it well. He is thrilled at the great man’s fall, but his joy quickly fades when the imploding Lester calls him—and a lover or two—for help.

Evangellyfish | Themelios from The Gospel Coalition

What’s real is that our brothers, spouses, and children, sin. Is it satire or is it parody? The characters were too exaggerated, their problems too conveniently problematic, their lives too conveniently interwoven. I do not think he ought to be censured, I just think he could do a bit better.

What do you get when you mix up a megachurch sex scandal, a Reformed pastor in a fistfight, an ambitious blonde TV reporter, a zealous but slightly misguided youth worker who likes Brandy a girl, not a drinkan officiously small-minded middle-ranking accountant, a seasoned detective and an ageing ex-Christian New Ager called Mystic Union?

Evangellyfish starts with a ribald ironic humor and ends with poignancy. Which is great for him, but not something this basement-dwelling bachelor was expecting to have etched on his brain.

The fact of the matter is this: Let me begin by stating that I almost exclusively read textbooks in academic theology, so reading a novel is therefore something of a novelty for me. So Lester turns to a very reluctant Mitchell for help. Generous and ingenious both.


His ability to size sinners up, to see straight through their hypocrisy and still look on them in love, goes beyond mere knack; it’s real grace. And the only reason that I did read this novel is because it is written by Doug Wilson, who in the last few years have become one of my absolute favourite writers one of my favourite preachers too, by the way.


A fictional critique of the modern evangelical world, shot through with spiritual anemia, hypocrisy and adultery.

Even if this in no way resembles the average mega-church, we would all do well to heed the warning present in this story. I really don’t know what else to say without spoiling it too much for those who intend to read it, but if you are not conviced yet, I will here quote the introductory remark, which I am sure will have a persuasive evangellyfjsh “This is as good a place as any to insist that all the characters in Evangellyfish are fictional, and I made them all up out evangfllyfish my own head.

They can be discovered in all kind of buildings. Yes, the evangwllyfish flows well and it is an enjoyable read, with very artful writing; yet we gain insight into many theological truths through the words, actions, or consequences of the characters.

So imagine my surprise when I was actually moved by the ending. Moliere said “the duty of comedy is to correct men by amusing them.

Evangellyfish is a novel that has been described both as satire and as uncomfortably realistic: Wilson takes the gloves off in this story evaangellyfish aims straight for the heart of a mega-church, its pastor. Jun 01, Luke Miller rated it really liked it Shelves: