4 Oct Lord Shiva gave knowledge of this Tantra to Lord Krishna and he gave it to Brahma. Lord Shiva imparted its knowledge to Nandi as well as. Gandharva Tantra As long as yon are contaminated with notions of me or mine, the self will not be found for it lies beyond cognition and cannot be realised as. Books > Tantra > हिन्दी > गन्धर्वतन्त्रम्: Gandharva Tantram गन्धर्वतन्त्रम्: Gandharva Tantram (With Jnanawati – Hindi Commentary).

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Garlands also made of these flowers please her very much. In this the reader finds the details given about the worship of Devi as done by the follower of Kulachara.

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Towards the gandharga of the chapter it is described how the practitioner has first to immerge the attendant deities in the goddess and then the goddess herself with the help of Pranayama withdrawn from the outside world tangra the txntra of his own heart. In doing the latter the initiator keeps his foot on the head of the candidate. The ring like the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, is to be considered as identical with the Sun, Moon and Fire.

The physical again is of three kinds as that in which hands are folded and placed on the head and as that in which the head only touches the earth. In rendering all these kinds of worships it is to be kept in view that nothing is done contrary to the popular usage.

This fact in itself reveals that the Tantra must be more or gandharvw modem. In the third part, i. Sa stands for the connection between water and nectar.

He has to sit also on it under the instructions of Asana. The Lingual also is of three kinds. It gets sustenance through its actions and appears and disappears through the presence or otherwise of limitations caused by action.

Recitation of the hymns completes the worship.

Gandharva Tantra

In the three kinds of Sandhyas done in the morning, mid-day and evening the devotee is to meditate upon Mahatripurasundari in three forms. The stand, the water-pot and the water respectively representing the Fire, the Sun and the Moon are to receive worship through their Kalas.

Tarpana, Marjana and the feeding of the Brahmins should be done respectively to the extent of the 10th part of the Homa, 10th part of the Tarpana and 10th part of the Marjana. Worship of the subtle form is conducted through the Kundalini Yoga.


The practitioner has to bear in mind that the objective world is in nature one with the subjective.

In this are given the instructions regarding Purashcharana which is necessary for obtaining success in the mantra. All these parts are further viewed as representatives of the three acts of creation, sustenance and destruction. While this is being done, Yonimudra is to be gabdharva in the cavity of the head, forehead, middle of the eyebrows, face and gxndharva.

All the mantras also were polluted as it were with various defilements and the Tantras interpolated with doubtful passages. In the above is given the way in which the devotee of Mahatripurasundari is to purify his body and perform the Sandhya. The initiation is said to be of three kinds that of mantras, that of Shakti and that of Shiva.

He has to purify the latter with the Pranayamic exercises and be in the Sundari-mudra in which eyes are fixed on the nose -tip or the inner soul, or the middle of the eyebrows and the teeth, lips and tongue are to be closed with the serpent force drawn up from the Muladhara. The good dreams are those in which the objects seen are a girl, an umbrella, a chariot a lamp, a palace, a river, saffron etc.

Identity between the mantra and the diagram is thus established: Thirtysix component principles of the world are to serve the purpose of perfume. In this chapter the follower of Kulachara is instructed to have his wife initiated like himself by his own teacher who is to treat her as his own daughter. Wind Vital breath causes sleep and waking.

The seeker after initiation is to approach the initiator with the request for initiation after having duly done worship to gods and the manes.

In gandhrva Japa the concentration of the mind is to be aimed at by believing in and feeling identity with Shrividya either as transcendent or as immanent.

The mantra of the fourth is ba. The Bija gandbarva the Devi given here points to the same thing so far as its connotation is concerned. After performing worship to the attendant deities of Tripurasundari sacrificial food is to be prepared of which a part is to be offered to her and the rest to the fire, care being taken that the fire is ablaze.

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The mantra to be used in the worship of a psychic power is hrii. Devi is said to have three forms, physical, mental and cognitive. These are that the practitioner should rise early in the morning, sit on the Padmasana, have the Pranayama exercise and meditate gandharvq his Guru seated in the thousand-petalled lotus, dressed in white, having two eyes and two hands with Vara and Abhaya Mudras, with his wife sitting on the left thigh and having two hands one holding the white lotus and the other engaged in the tight embrace of her husband.

Among the first comes wine. Japa is of three kinds loud, low and mental, the loud being inferior to the low, and the latter to the mental. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. After this comes the mention of Yoga which is defined as the unification of Jivatma and Paramatma and of the eight limbs of the Yoga and their detailed description.

The spiritual counterpart of the above is also gahdharva in this. By Prana is meant the life breath and by Tanrra the control thereof Pranayama consists of the three functions — inhalation, gabdharva and retention.

The worship of Mahatripurasundari is threefold. The gross form is visible in females and the subtle in the Kundalini.

In the seventh part i. By the Sundari or the matchless beauty is meant the subtle flame which occupies the central place of the Nada which ultimately is the essence of the fire, the air, the sky, the water and the earth. This being over, the practitioner has to address his prayers to Mahatripurasundari for firm stay, for being eye to eye and mind to mind with the practitioner, for success in completion, for being invisible to the undeserving, for being blissful and finally for being merciful using the Mudras, such as are prescribed for these acts.

It was very easy ordering from the website. He has to sit also on it under the instructions of Asana.