HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM FOR SCOLIOSIS. PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS. Scoliosis is a term used to describe any abnormal, sideways curvature of the spine. 21 Jun In fact, substantial advances have been made in scoliosis exercise programs over the last 10 years and It is an offshoot of Klapp and Schroth. Exercise Program for Functional and Structural Scoliosis . Klapp determined the IP for the maximum straightening effects on a precise point of spinal axis.

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Scoliosis is a progressive and deforming musculoskeletal dysfunction of the spine. Be sure you are a straight line from knees to shoulders. Besides, long-term effects of these methods on motor learning and on the action foor spine postural muscles are questionable. Lie flat on the stomach, with arms on the side.

Hitch Exercise For lumbar curve or thoracolumbar curve, another option is hitch exercise. Quantitative photogrammetric analysis of the Klapp method for treating idiopathic scoliosis. Another limitation is the difficulty of little playful physical klappz methods, including Klapp, to promote adhesion of children and adolescents. The aim of this research was to analyze the efficacy of the Klapp method for treating scoliosis, through a quantitative analysis using computerized biophotogrammetry.

Quantitative photogrammetric analysis of the klapp method for treating idiopathic scoliosis

Analysis of the photographs taken in the anterior and posterior frontal planes were performed comparing the symmetry between right and left sides by means of the angles between the sternoclavicular SC and acromioclavicular AJ joints, anterior and posterior superior iliac spines AS and PStibial tuberosity and inferior angles of the scapula IS Walk, holding the tilt. Exercise protocol consisted of Klapp method, 20 sessions, three times a week for intervention group, and inactivity for execrises group.

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Association between changes in abdominal and lumbar multifidus muscle thickness and clinical improvement exercjses spinal manipulation.

On the other hand, these authors demonstrated that Klapp method wxercises interferes with postural asymmetries, but do not report clinical impact.


Klapp method was effective for gibbosity stabilization and strengthening of extensor muscles. Rev Terapia Man, 9: Tilt the pelvis, pull away from the front of the girdle. Skip to search form Skip to main content. Enhance your health with free online physiotherapy exercise lessons and videos about various disease and health condition.

Klapp exercises

Two exercise interventions for the management of patients with ankylosing spondylitis: Exercizes recognize some limitations in our study. In this plane, with the subject performing trunk flexion, the following angles were analyzed: These anatomical points were: Inferior horizontal angle of the scapula ISHA Line between the inferior angle of the right and left scapula and the line drawn horizontally, parallel kapps the ground. Scoliosis exercises patterns of adults dcoliosis children vary widely.

It is a two arm randomized controlled trial, prospective, parallel, singleblinded, registred as RBRC3B8 http: Factors associated with scoliosis in schoolchildren: This concept was created by orthopedist Bernhard Klapp and soon after if was developed by his son Rudolf Klapp. Klapp method is similar to GPR and Iso-stretching in developing flexibility and scolioeis in muscle tissue by eccentric action, as well exercjses the ability to stimulate motor learning in postural muscles, like Pilates, klapps exercises for scoliosis functional and coordinated movements.

Spine Phila Pa Obtain the best possible allignment; allow for expansion in the area of concavity; apply pressure in the area of convexity to the extent tolerated without adverse effects or ezercises. Pelvic tilt backlying with the knees bent. Inferior horizontal angle of the scapula ISHA Line between the inferior angle of klapps exercises for scoliosis right and left scapula and the line drawn horizontally, parallel to the ground. Roll back down slowly, then release the tilt. In this study, using 20 sessions of the Klapp method, decreases in thoracic asymmetry and the maintenance in pelvic asymmetries were noted.


All subjects were treated with the Klapp method, according to this sequence: Vrije Universiteit Brussel Project. If there is Gluteus medius weakness on one side, the pelvis will ride higher on the side of exsrcises weakness. Klapp method, focus of this study, consists of a set of stretching and strengthening postures usually applied, but that requires further investigation Disadvantages of visual postural assessments include its low reliability and its qualitative use Full range ofr movements are given to hip and knee joint in addition to activities of first two days.

It was noticed that during crawling on all fours, at a certain moment the spine gets exposed to a mobilizing, exercising and corrective influence so he established and exercise programme where children with klzpps scoliosis were treated on all fours position.

Deep and slow breathing patterns were used so that the subject could decrease tensions and worries. In the same instance, “upper” abdominal exercises by the trunk curl or sit-up should be avoided even if upper abdominals are weak.

Horizontal angle of the posterosuperior iliac spine PSHA Line between the right and left anterosuperior iliac spines and the line drawn horizontally, parallel to the ground.

Repeat the same procedure mentioned above. Active movement must also be initiated within the limit of pain.