24 Jan A few months back, I took Offensive Security’s online course WiFu course + The course is currently on version 3, which came out in July submitted 3 years ago by ava I was thinking ive-security. com/information-security-training/offensive-security-wireless-attacks/. If anyone 30 Apr OSWP is an entry level course designed by Offensive Security (henceforth . 5 is that it is stable (more stable than any Kali Linux version). BlueBorne: Armis Security come up with BlueBorne attack which is another wireless.

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I used following resources for study other than OffSec material: I see this question being ask almost on a daily basis — it’s a popular question! So, after couple of months, I registered for exam.

Want to add to the discussion? Off-topic or surly responses will be removed a cryptographic hash! It wireless security is a popular subject online, and the chances are, someone before you has already had the issue and found the solution. You do not need to have done any of the other Offsec courses e.

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks WiFu V3 by vitopatdi (vitopatdi) on Mobypicture

Github, old repos, YouTube, Blogs …. I could have completed within 40 minutes if I have not wasted my time in some worthless effort. Atleast I was able to scratch a surface of domain which was totally new to me. Armis Security offensige up with BlueBorne attack which is another wireless attack on Bluetooth devices. CAP files that Offsec is hosting, allowing you to follow alongside. They course cover using CPU vs GPU with the speed increase between the two methods, as well using pre-calculated rainbow tables to speed up the brute force progress.

As long as it is Linux, supports your Alfa card ogfensive can run Aircrack-ng, feel free to use any Linux.


Credit to Offsec, as it is obvious that there has been a fair amount of time and thought put into the course as always! This is it was like. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

It’s not easy to create a course, especially with the amount of resources that are freely available, such as the aircrack-ng wiki and Security Tube’s Wireless Megaprimer. These are bypass-able, and could have an “extra mile” exercise like in PWB. Choosing correct attacking hardware: Getting ready for Assembly Programming — Part 1.

Attxcks just started watching this series on YouTube .v3.0 I’m guessing a lot of people’s pre-course knowledge starts at this point. Offsec once again, starts at the start, and covers everything in a single package – including the stuff that you could have been afraid to ask.

SWF — little under 3 and a half hours. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen!!!!!!! I am writing this blog for sharing my experience of new learningexpress my views on course and exam, also to clear some misconception about this course.

Log in or sign up in seconds. OffSec guys mentioned this as well, so be careful. As I mentioned in start of blog, some interesting event happened during my course. I felt there isn’t as much of attcaks “self-study” element, compared to the PWB, as the course material does cover a vast amount of what you need to know as and as a result, limits the possible “extra mile” exercises.

You can be permanently banned even on your first offense if we deem it acceptable, so read the rules:.


Its new lucrative attack surface. Purchase cheap router unless you want to use it for other projects. But, I spent time doing it, as I had to go out searching for it which made it easier to skip over certain areas, if you didn’t seek them out. I personally was impressed with the antennas section, showing the different signal patterns — this is something I hadn’t looked into before.


: Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) – PDF Course

I used following resources for study other than OffSec material:. They can guide you better. Choosing correct Virtual machine environment: Previous Post Previous post: Watch this amazing Ted talk to understand what is master Procrastinator: It is also currently the cheapest course that Offsec’s cheapest course on ocfensive. Hi Slaer, Thanks for the feedback. We are not here to teach you the basics.

Post-exploitation activities Why I choose this course: You may think that you know it all, and you truly might do. I also understand not giving away a pre-done VM image, as that still has wireleas lot of moving parts and could cause another set of issues.

Both are good, if not great sources of knowledge that make them a valued resource, however, there is still room for WiFu – more on this later. There isn’t any “cross over” between the courses. There is also a custom Backtrack ISO file, which is what the course recommends you use. Spam as in links that violate the spam guidelines found here Off-topic posts will be treated as spam. Breaking WPA2 with blink of eye. Sorry to say but exam was real let down for me.