Oracle Developer Questions and Answers for Oracle Forms. + Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is trigger associated with the timer? Question2: What are the trigger. 28 Jul When you call a form, Oracle Forms issues a savepoint for the called form. If the CLEAR_FORM function causes a rollback when the called form.

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By using the lock option we cannot move the fields in the layout editor outside the frame.

Oracle D2k Forms , 6i Interview Questions and Answers

What is an OLE? This Template form has been provided by Oracle only. The Detail records are shown when the Master Record are shown. What is a Static Record Group?

The operator must navigate to the detail block and explicitly execute a query ooracle. Each window should have at least one content canvas. What are the different types of Record Groups? In place activation and External activation.

Oracle Reports (Report 6i) – Technical – Interview – Question Answers

This can significantly reduce the run-time memory requirements of applications. Timer is an “internal time clock” that you can programmatically create to ooracle an action each time the times. Window performs functionality such as scrolling, moving and resizing. Can you pass data parametrs to forms? When the operator selects the list icon, a list of available choices appears. Relations involve the Master-Detail relationship.


Oracle Forms 6I Interview Questions And Answers Pdf | MOST ASKED | Interview Questions

An LOV is a scrollable popup window with either single or multi-column selection list. Through Global Record Groups: What are the built-ins used for getting cell values? Explain different types of editors in oracle forms? P2P programmer 2 programmer.

Inteview default value is 0 for all messages. Also, views are simplified versions of the base tables which are easy to understand and hence to work upon. Items in the Control Block are called Control items.

Oracle Forms And Reports Interview Questions & Answers

Editors are used for special requirements such as: It calls the other form. After the query is executed but before the report is executed and the records are displayed. Any event that makes a different record in the master block the current record is a coordination causing event.

Because for each query, report has to oraclee a separate cursor and niterview to rebind, execute and fetch data. Stacked canvas views obscure some part of the underlying content canvas view, and or often shown and hidden programmatically.

Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? Is denoted by a square. Tool bar canvas views are used to create tool bars for individual windows. When an object in an object group is deleted from a module, it is removed from the object group automatically.


When confine mode is on, an object cannot be moved outside its parent in the layout. Each Tab canvas is made up of one or more Tab pages and must have at least one. Parameter can be of any data type. At run time only one of the content canvas andwers assign to a window is displayed at a time. What are Relations in Oracle Forms and explain its types?

Changing the code at one place reflects at many other places, thereby reducing maintenance time. What are the trigger associated with image items? Unrestricted built-ins do not affect logical or physical navigation and can be called from any Trigger. Control Block is created manually, they are not associated with the Database.

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