Need lyrics for song “Bare gopibalaka” by Shri Purandara dasa. Reply. Posted by Shreya katti on July 11, at pm. I am seaching for song yanni agudo. 3 Nov Purandara Dasa() is possibly one of the greatest names I started typing the lyrics of some songs in English and translating them. 23 Oct Lyrics and meaning needed for a Purandaradasa song. me the lyrics and meaning for this Purandaradasa song- “Kundidhaado krishna”?.

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Thx a Lot Rgds Muralidhar.

Index – Dasara padagalu Lyrics

They were fundamentally preachers, not musicians. Samsrithi khora maha gahalechara thoma niranjitha punya sumurthe Manmatha bheegara khora mahoogra mrugapravarathitha gathra susandhye Mathsara thapa visheshanipeeditha bahyamatheschaka damchithameeyam Swambhajatho mama dehithadhyakhana he hanumaswapadambhuja dasyam.

Nodu nodu nodu krushna.

If u can give me ur email id i cud mail it to you. Sri marutana manini bharatidevi. Rajeev, I was able to look into the website. Posted by Lakshman on November 30, at 7: Jaya devi jaya devi. For reading about meanings of Carnatic music krithis: Excellent and very useful site. For reading about rules and rituals of Brahmins: Posted by Rammohan K N on September 22, at 2: Hey sorry, i had heard it couple of times. For reading translations of stotras: Endu Kambeno enna salahuva.


I like this site very much and I took the print out of Mahishasura mardini slokam My name is lalitha Raja.


I would like to have the lyrics for the sloka sri hanumath ashtakam sung by p. You can find all the songs are sorted in Alphabetical order for easy use.

Hi Ana, Here is a pdf link for the astaalaksmi stotram. Bharati janani palisu nitya marutana. The Saint had written works superseding Appayya Diskhitar who had written works.

To be frank I started getting intrest in slokas and devotional songs after I went through this website. Varava kodu enage vagdevi ninna.

Sharanu sri vyasamuni saranaabja. Shweta, Thanks so much for you comments. It will be a great help. I have it in kannada I can scan and send it across.

We missyou a long time. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Badrani dehi me gauri. It would be appropriate for the upcoming SriRaamaNavami. Hi, From now on I will look for your website when I need to know about Puja ritual, stothra or songs. I want the stotram lyrics for P. He was a genius and awesome kannada song writer. Thanks for the wonderful collection and easy listening. Posted by Charumathi Raghavendran on November 17, at This site uses cookies. Posted by Lakshman on December 11, at 4: Posted by diya on August 1, at Also bear in mind that most Haridasa compositions were meant to propagate their beliefts; they did not really compose with Karnatik music in mind.


The audio for this song is available here: Could you please send me the link? I will check and let you know Like Like.

Lakshmi Shobhane Shobhana vennire!!! Ide paalisu ide paalisu.

Lyrics for Purandara Dasa song on Lakshmi and Parvati. –

Shloka 6 Srimatpoornaprabodhaprakatithapadaveedhavibhedhaavidheemat Senaabaaseeraseemaa samudithaviditaabaadayodhaadi netha maayaasiddhaanta deekshaavighatanaghatana sarvatantra svatantrah sriraamavyaasadaaso vilasati vibhudeendraabhidah samyameendrah Pyrics poet next eulogises the 11th pontiff of matha, Sri Vibhudendra tirtha. Pls find the below link to hear this beautiful song. I can sing the available lyrics but it is incomplete because of a few missing lines.

Posted by neel pai on March 7, at 9: Hari hararu hege samaru. Please add this to your list.