, \li setOrientation() tells QPrinter which page orientation to use. , \li setPaperSize() tells QPrinter what paper size to expect from the. , printer. On Windows or Mac OS X, QPrinter uses the built-in printer drivers. On X11, QPrinter generates postscript and sends that to lpr, lp, or another printProgram(). 30 Apr In the docs you’ll find QPrinter::printerState. So you can definitely do: if (printer. printerState() == QPrinter::Error) // do some error handling. I admit that’s not a lot.

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QPrinter Class Reference

B4 19 x mm QPrinter:: With qpirnter false the defaultthe metrics will be a bit smaller; how much depends on the printer in use. To detect other failures check the output of QPainter:: See QAbstractPrintDialog ‘s documentation for more details.

For example, if the page size is not supported by the printer, or if the margins fall outside the printable area. On most systems this function will return true.

QPrinter will generate its output as in the PostScript format. Sign up using Facebook. This type interacts with QPrinter:: This value will be changed by what the user presses in the print dialog.


This enum is used to indicate whether printing will occur on one or both sides. A8 12 52 x 74 mm QPrinter:: QPrinter does not check that the paper size is available; it just uses this information, together with QPrinter:: Constant Value Description QPrinter:: By default, this function returns a special value of 0, meaning that the “to page” setting is unset.

ScreenResolution will produce a lower quality output qprlnter HighResolution and should only be used for drafts. With collating turned on. The Postscript standard size QPageSize:: Folio 27 x mm QPrinter:: Returns true if the printer currently selected is a valid printer in the system, or a pure PDF printer; otherwise returns false.

The big difference is that you must keep track of pages.

By default, this function returns a special value of 0, meaning that the “to page” setting is qprinted. A3 8 x mm QPrinter:: This mode is the default when printing directly to a printer. B0 14 x mm QPrinter:: Tells the printer to eject the current page and to continue printing on a new page. Destroys the printer object and frees any allocated resources.


PrintEnginePropertyKey This enum is used to communicate properties between the print engine and QPrinter. If your current locale converts “,” to “.

QPrinter Class | Qt

Landscape 1 the page’s width is greater than its height. For example, all the data has gone to the printer but the printer cannot or will not cancel the job when asked qprintsr.

Aborts the current print run. Use the setOutputFile function for this. If qpronter page qpprinter is enabled, the origin of the QPrinter ‘s coordinate system coincides with the top-left corner of the paper itself. Comm10E 25 x mm, U. Member Type Documentation enum QPrinter:: This can change the value of outputFormat.

Member Function Documentation QPrinter:: This function is used by subclasses of QPrinter to specify custom print and paint engines printEngine and paintEnginerespectively. This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 4.