20 Jan Rudrabhishekam Procedure consists of these 16 steps. However, there are some other powerful mantras that one needs to chant along with. Rudrabhishekam Puja – When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Sri Rama, he established Shiva Linga at Rameswaram before crossing thesea and performed Rudr. Rudrabhishekam Pooja, Rudrabhishekam is dedicated to lord Shiva and he is is performed with prescribed materials with recitals of moola mantras.

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Marcus Quinn Rodriguez Tenes 1 6. This simply means cleaning the Shivalingam rudrabuishekam just plain water. Shiva is the greatest of renouncers as well as the ideal lover.

Hence, it would be beneficial to use a Dharapaatra Dhaara: Namakam and Chamakam are two compilations that are chanted during any kind of Rudrabhishekam Procedure. Shani Shanti Pooja November 14, Mainly, it creates more positive vibrations; more so when people are meditating.

A small Shivalingam preferably made of silver or stainless steel must be kept ready. Who should perform Rudrabhishek? If you have a blade of grass worsip him as Ganesh. He says he does not know the rudrqbhishekam meaning, but it was heard from the akasha when rishis were meditating. The pooja must inevitably begin with the invocation of Lord Ganesh.

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Once the chanting is over, the Shivalingam must be given Shuddhodhaka Snanam. See here for what are on-topic questions for hinduism. Rudrabhishekam Procedure helps us to express our devotion to these various forms of Lord Rudrabhishekm.


The Panchapatra is also considered sacred and must be decorated with sandalwood paste on four sides of it. Yakshma Ruddabhishekam Nivarana homam: Abhishekam is performed for all 11 rudras with repeated Jepa recitals. This was because he had created 4 sages who he thought would assist him in the creation of this entire world.

It also removes all sorts of planetary doshams.

Rudrabhishekam Pooja

There is no time bound limitation. Lord Shiva is worshiped in His Rudra form, is hailed During this ritual, we will hear many mantras and shlokas, while milk, yoghurt.

Someone called him a perfect being, someone else said he is the demon who invaded the dark. Should rudrabhishekh puja not be performed in month rudrabhishekam mantras of Sep as it is Shradh month?


Morning is the best time to perform Rudrabhishek.


The best time to perform the pooja is the prodosham day of every month as it is one of the favourite days of Lord Shiva. Mangala Dosha November 14, So, fire, water, incense sticks, fruits, flowers, mnatras, whatever nature has given to us, those things are used for worship along with the chanting.

He bestows prosperity on worshipers although he is austere. Here, in this case, the Shivalingam is given a bath. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Nakshatara Mantrras November 14, The pooja is accompanied by Chamakam and namakam recitals and could be performed at any Shiva temples.

Depends on the location and time. For maintaining matrimonial harmony and sound love relationships. Alternatively, Mondays could also be considered auspicious for the puja. Are you asking benefits of Abhishekam? Amit Saxena 5, 2 26