1 Nov Sai sister Sasikala has sent Sai Baba Ashtothram’The Garland of One Hundred and Eight Names of the Venerable Shirdi Sai’ in pdf format for. Let us bow down to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (the true Divine Mother and Father of all) OM SRI SAI SATHYADHARMAPARAYANAAYA NAMAH. This app is dedicated to all Shiridi sai baba devotees. It contains Audio of Bhagawan Shri Shiridi Sai baba Astotram ( names) Meaning of each name is given.

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Tag: Shirdi Sai Baba Ashtottar Namavali Tamil

You need to enable JavaScript to read this. Om, to Him who grants gnosis and detachment, prostration!

Om Shri Sai Sathaangataye Namaha. Many thanks to Sashikala sister. Om, to Paramatman who transcends mind and speech, prostration! Om Shri Sai Yogeshwaraaya Namaha.

Sai Miracle-Sai saved my son- Anshu. Om, to Paramatman the Supreme Lord, prostration!


| Sai Baba Ashtottara Sata Namavali – Tamil

Om, to Him who grants supreme ease, prostration! Om Shri Sai Lokanaathaaya Namaha. Om, to Invincible One, prostration! Om Shri Sai Sulochanaaya Namaha. Om Shri Sai Paavanaanaghaaya Namaha. Om Shri Sai Antharyaaminey Namaha. I have known him for Thirty generations. Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari. Om Shri Xai Siddheshwaraaya Namaha. Om, to the holy Ford, prostration! Om, to Him the hearing of whose glorification is purifying, prostration!

Ashtotram, to Him who grants sons, friends, wives and kin,prostration! Om, to Paramatman who is Eternal Bliss, prostration! Om, to the Assistant without assistant, prostration!

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Pune. Om Shri Sai Gnyaanaswaroopiney Namaha. Om, to Ln who freely gives all things wished for, prostration! V Narsimha Swami ji-Only Aim.

Om, to the Deathless One, prostration! Om, to the Unconquerable and Unshakable One, prostration! Om, to Him who cuts off the heart knot a well-known Upanishadic Metaphor for ultimate realizationprostration!

Om, to the Final End of the good, prostration! My Sisters Blog List. Om, to Paramatman whose self Being and Conciousness are, prostration! Believe in Guru-Experience of Devotee Bhasker. Sai Chalisa In Telugu. Om Shri Sai Annavastradaaya Namaha. Unbiased love of Sai-Devotees Experience. Om, to Him of many shapes, having all forms, prostration! Om, to the Destroyer of karman of present and past livesprostration!


Om, to the Purifier Immaculate, prostration! V Narsimha Swamiji’s Life in Sakori. Om, to Him who stays inside and outside all beingsprostration! Om, to Him who freely gives wealth and fortune, prostration! Ananda Sai at Poonthandalam -Chennai. Om Shri Sai Satpurushaaya Namaha.

Om Shri Sai Paramaatmaney Namaha. Fakir has not premitted me to give you.