The Shamutanti Hills has ratings and 30 reviews. Leo said: Man these books were popular when I was a youngster. If you like a book/role playing game. Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills [Steve Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first adventure of a game, players become wizards. Buy a cheap copy of The Shamutanti Hills book by Steve Jackson. Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing The evil Archimage has stolen the.

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But before I could walk up to it I was suddenly in the company of a tiny green-skinned creature shammutanti wings who had appeared from the trees and sat down on my shoulder. I did not submit to the rules in these cases.

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! – Wikipedia

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Titanica Wiki has a timeline with all the book release dates —.

He also gave me the fairly ominious information that from Khare onwards, my progress would be watched. May 20, Bernard O’Leary rated it really liked it.

Leading away shanutanti Birritani were two paths heading west and east, I chose to climb up into the hills further by taking the easterly path. Still, I comforted the girl and she clinged to me for safety as I guided her back to the basket.

The Shamutanti Hills (book)

You can call upon her only once in each book at your discretion. I remember finding this first volume of the fopur part ‘Sorcery! Jann seemed friendly enough, so I decided to let him sjamutanti along.

I remember voraciously reading it from cover to cover, again and again, year after year. The first book is a surprisingly gentle introduction as the reader leaves the safety of his home and travels through the poisoned lands of the Shamutanti Hills, heading for the great port city of Khare, the gateway to the even worse lands beyond. Warlock magazine Clash of the Princes F.

The spine and back cover were almost identical to the first save that in the bottom right hand corner under the Penguin Books logo was the wording “Fantasy Game” as opposed to “Game” and in the bottom left hand corner were international prices. The swines then locked me in and left me there overnight, I took the opportunity to get some sleep, but was again unable to eat thanks to that damn squirrel.


Penned by Steve Jackson, one of the co-creators of the Fighting Fantasy series, it was intended to be read by older readers. I was puzzled by this off-shoot from the main run of books, why were they bigger than the regular books? Mel Grant First published: From there I would have to cross the Baklands, where day and night are supposedly controlled not by the sun, but by supernatural forces, which sounds pretty badass.

Tattered and dog eared, and a snip at 10 pence, this was my first foray into the Sorcery series. Great magic system with 48 different spells at your disposal. He told me that two routes shamutantl lead me on, one past Aliannas home — which I would need my wits about me for, the other led into the hills to the Lea-Ki, domain of the great ones.

At this point I was down to only 4 Stamina points. About half an hour outside the village, the hills made me aware of their presence as the way forward started to get steeper. I lost my footing and fell to the ground, landing on something hard which turned out to be a human skeleton! For the page, she promised to rid me of Jann, who unbeknownst to me was actually blocking my use of magic!

While Kakhabad soaked up all the scum, other regions flourished. She asked if I took a page of a spell book from him, on showing her the page she snatched it from me with an expression of glee. It is also possible to fail to cast at all, as false spell words are placed alongside correct choices. But just look at that art work too It seemed I had little choice though and so before I knew samutanti I was in a basket being lowered into a pit like so much lotion.

This was the big twist, this gamebook shamytanti allowed the reader to play as a sorcerer. On the night of the Black Moon, the crown was stolen by Birdmen from Xamen shamutamti taken to Mampang in Kakhabad where the Archmage of Mampang planned to take Kakhabad as his own shsmutanti and potentially pose a huge threat to the neighbouring nations who had previously held the crown, the Femphrey Alliance.


This creates a strangely effective atmosphere, as the player learns more spells and becomes more confident in using them.

The Shamutanti Hills

Having climbed a couple of hundred feet now, I reached the brow of a hill and was stopped in my tracks by the sight in the clearing to my left, numerous heads impaled on poles were looking at me through sewn-together eyes, some goblin, some human, some unknown. A boxed set titled Sorcery! Really loved it as a kid, to the point of contorting my body to roll dice on the floor of the plane in economy on my my way to Wisconsin for Christmas one year.

The player takes on the role of the lone hero, referred to only as the Analander, who has been dispatched to retrieve the Crown, thereby averting the invasion jills saving Analand from terrible disgrace. Great plot and subplots, good writing, pretty hard to finish but that’s also part of the fun! Maybe helping the Svinns Could relieve you of him? That was too much for me. The first two covers were both of the Wraparound Cover Format.

I always get the plague or run over by a boulder because I think I may be able to figure out a clever way to save my skin I’m no Indiana Jones! I didn’t expect a whole lot from a choose your own adventure book from the 80’s but it was well worth the read and my time. At the back of the each book is a spells section where a vast number of spells are detailed, each with their own suamutanti letter code and some with an item requirement.

Translates well into a game. Resources such as rations have to be carefully husbanded. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.