Shivopasana Mantra – Protects us from bad union of planets, Pitrudosh, Kaalsarp Yog or prediction of untimely death of somebody in our g bad will. Greater Manchester Vedam Group ± Shiva Mantra. SHIVA MANTRA Greater Manchester Vedam Group ± Shivopasana Mantra 1. SHIVOPASANA MANTRA. 10 Jan Shivopasana Mantra. From Krishna Yajurveda nidhanapataye namaH | nidhanapatAntikAya namaH | UrdhvAya namaH | Urdhvali~NgAya.

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Rahu would provide you higher intellect. The answer is Lord Shiva. But it does not happen automatically. And then the main Strota is started. Do you feel like there are evil spirits wandering in your house, who are causing death, illness and bad omens?

I am very much aware of the difference between chanting some stotram and a vedic hymn. The swara to be used for each word is indicated on the word, and you can see this in any authentic Veda volume. Here are a few most powerful Shani Mantras which can be chanted when you are undergoing bad periods of Mahadasha, Saade saati and Kantaka Shani to propitiate the shivopaeana and pacify the mwntra jur….

Thank you so much: Concerned that one of your family members is near death? Since this Shivopasana Mantra is taken from Yajurveda-Aranyaka it is not advised to be chanted shiivopasana anybody in the house.


So,everything that has to be done should be clean, white, beautiful. Anonymous January 06, 9: He is a very simple-minded deity and does not care for any malice. But since I did not know how to reproduce the swara marks here on the blog, I omitted them assuming people who chant these would be aware of the manner of chanting them as well.

When you have tried everything possible in your power to stop this cycle and failed, who do you look up to?

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Shivopasana protects us, and gives us armour against all such things. His lifestyle is minimalistic. It is the hardest easy thing you need to do. Thank you so much for taking your time to leave a message.

The only condition is, that your devotion must be unquestionable.

The Effects Beneficial of Shivopasana Mantra

Just pure devotion will do mabtra trick. I am overwhelmed by your site and wish you all the best. Since you come across to me as being keen on perfection in what you are doing, I would like to suggest that you do this section over, indicating the correct swaras on the letters.

Shivopwsana Slokas October 24, Lastly, when a person wishes to chant Vedic hymns, the Vedas prescribe only one method to learn – ‘sravanam’ that is hearing and repeating till you get it right. Thank you so much once again for taking your time to shivopsaana your views and your kind words of encouragement. I am at least 16 years of age. When it comes to the Vedas, the words have to be chanted in the prescribed swaras and not flatly or not using some tune we like.


You are doing a great job by reaching mantras and Vedic amntra for chanting by interested persons. One important point, though: Nothing bad will happen in your life. Thereafter the main Rudra mantra is chanted.

Nobody, no planets, no evil things, or those who are jealous of you will be able to do bad things against you. The hall should be full of fragrance of essence sticksand ghee lamps.

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Shivopasaha swara is easy to indicate in the text when the script is in Sanskrit or Tamil, but in English it is difficult. Sloka-s can be chanted flatly or using the kind of music we want if we happen to be musically inclined.

Chant Rahu Mantra and get best result and these also helps in gaining glamorous life.