12 Jul Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. Easy to assemble!To Purchase Contact: Rick. I discovered this special type of generator when I was working on a new prototype for a free energy electrical motor. I placed my array of coils next to moving N We are now selling kits to our free energy motor and generator. For a limited time only! Hurry and get The SP AC Generator · Free Energy From The Earth.

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Input power from the wall, no load I think Ill have it done by the end of April. Originally Posted by Jim Bromely. You can increase the wattage output to: Originally Posted by dubsta Anyone have info on what is in the pyramid here?

Direct connection of our SP AC Generator to a breaker box — main grid system is about 2, watts, but would have to be run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Buy Now Please notice: Find all posts by Joit. I put some pics in the “attachments”. The motor part looks very much like the Garry Stanley setup. The plans include a supply of what you will need and where to buy the parts.


sp500 ac generator

Hard to tell, but the rotor looks like a two pole NS with neo magnets? How about a comprehensive output power test?

Our invention can easily be scaled up to any desired size or voltage or wattage output you desire! Also can be used as the worlds largest and most powerful hand crank generator! Each stator coil assembly is tested before leaving our shop. How close are you to finishing?

The Air Engine Motor. If you want to talk to David Waggoner call If you want to email him his direct generafor is David fuellesspower. Find all posts by dragon. Im also using another component that is outside the recomended value in the plans. Im ready to build the SP generator now. But some very intelligent and dedicated free energy researchers I know have all said the plans do not work or that they are not feasible in a real world sense. Jim, Looks like you are moving along!

All times are GMT. Gyula you are correct! Ill have to do some more testing with the recomended component to see if I can get more efficiency out of the motor.

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Fuelless Engine Disk Motor & SP Generator – Energetic Forum

Again please notice we do not sell our kits for that reason, only as backyard research kits. Can ship out as quick as 45 — 59 working days or by e-mail.

However, you do have to prove something for others to believe it true. Payment on kits can be made by personal thf if you live here in the USA or by bank wire transfer. I can show you more than that in a package that will fit on a shoe box. EVERY company has some negative reviews.

SP500 AC Generator Kit

Not shown in picture. Out Fluorescent Light Bulbs! The electrical output was like nothing I had ever seen before!

All 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on this website!