14 Jul Here we’re providing some vastu tips regarding your home in Oriya Vastu Shastra. 1 Jul In this Odia story book application Vastu Shastra in Odia we tried to provide you large collection Vastu Shastra Tips in Odia The science of Vaastu is considered an integral part of the Indian home. to as the Art of Living in our earliest texts but is now better known as Vaastu Shastra.

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If it is a sloppy and unkempt one, troubles will hound you. Vastu for success Success is what everybody wants in every sphere of life and following Vastu rules is the way to succeed in life. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. Also no material should go into the house building without the consent of the owner or it will prove inauspicious.

How to pep up your New Year’s Eve party. But in Oriya language, it was not written.

It is not so good. In the north vastu zone, ensure that blue is the main colour; avoid red shade, designating space for kitchen and toilet. Here dhastra some tips vaxtu by Vaastu experts which will help your to have healthier relationships will people around you and a more peaceful life.

The main colour should be pastel shades of red, orange and pink. Store room, milk, cold drink, ice creams, water, Ayurvedic medicines, cereals, pitcher, wife, water, vendors, water tank, sandal, grapes, pearls, white colours, string of pearls, rings of pearls etc.

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And if it is in north-west, then any other higher structure to be made in south-west. The trend of inculcating designer looks and irregular shape of furnishings avstu even homes tramples married life of men and women shhastra such an edge that nothing can add a grip. Science of architecture which is precisely called Vastu-Shastra gives away norms of placement for everything relative to this earth. The shape of your bedroom must be either square or rectangular to bring in peace and prosperity.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. It lays emphasis on proper selection of directions within a structure, since each oriy has a particular effect on a person’s personal relationship. The west direction affects your relationships with your friends and family members.

If there is a high rising building near a boook its ill effect will surely be shown on the house. Pavandev represents this corner.

Vastu Shastra

Manara jete Asha 1. Entrance of a house predicts many a things about the occupants in the house in terms of nature and especially health.

How to tell smog from fog. But if somebody has to sit just beneath a beam, he or the she feels under unnecessary pressure. It contains time conversion, casting of a horoscope, calculations of Mahadasha and Antardasha, Navamasham, Dwadashamsha, Trishamsa etc.

A proper house is a collaboration of rooms with precisely defined entry and exit points. See our Returns Policy.

Sassy themes for your house parties. Good relationships are a source of guidance and comfort during troubled times.

See all 16 reviews. There is no mistake anywhere in the creation, and the rules that govern it. Jyotish Aur Rog Vichar. Here are the five benefits of oiling your hair.


Vastu Tips Vastu is an inherent energy concept of science. The kitchen represents fire and with wrong placements, you’ll end up diluting money, opportunities and career.

Don’t have a Kindle? Follow these simple home remedies to fight dengue. Mumbai Mumbai search close. Hence, faults related to north-western corner can be corrected by putting an aquarium in that corner. Thus, the ambience of the room will be enchanting with fresh fragrance of flowers. Diamond Pocket Books; 1st edition Language: Building a house is no exception as Vishvakarma Prakash says:. Fish remain in constant motion in an aquarium. In every walk of life, conduct with a clear inclination for religion is given importance.

How do beatboxers produce sound?


For more odia vastu tips watch this post. Clearing up clutter enables your subconscious mind to be calm and your sleep will not be disrupted. It is a complete book of Vastu science. Beam is an important part of a building’s construction. Read Post a comment.

Oriya Vastu Shastra

See odiya results matching ‘mub’. For example the North-West direction will affect your relationship with friends and the West direction affects your bonds with your father. This is a book of planetary Gems. To avoid any obstruction in married life, balancing these elements is primary task of every spouse.