Creating a basic volume and file system using veritas volume manager. VxVM allows a system administrator to configure various volume layouts for the volume thus allowing high redundancy and high performance. . Cheat Sheets. Most Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) commands (excepting daemons, library commands and supporting scripts) are linked to the /usr/sbin directory from the. Veritas Volume Manager Cheat Sheet: The Setup: an Oracle database supporting an application called ABC, and given the following: Assuming that we need to.

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Sub-Disk related tasks To create a subdisk disk on disk disk01 of size MB vxmake sd disk disk01,0,m. Operations include listing tasks, modifying the state of a task pausing, resuming, aborting and modifying the rate of progress of a task.

VxVM Cheat Sheet | /zeroconf

Monitoring and controlling tasks lists commands for monitoring and controlling tasks in VxVM. Notify me of new comments via email. VxVM allows a system administrator to configure various volume layouts for the volume thus allowing high redundancy and high performance.

I have added six, 1 GB disks other than two, 16 GB disks for root mirroring to my vmware virtual machine for future tutorials. The init parameter is required when a license has vxvk added or removed from the host for the new license to take effect.


A cache volume must have already been created. Relocates subdisks in a volume between disks. Takes a full-sized instant snapshot of a volume by breaking off plexes of the original volume. Joins two or more subdisks. Creating volumes lists commands for creating volumes.

If sehet second subdisk is created on the same vmdisk, the offset value 0 can not be given. Marking a disk as a hot-relocation spare.

Removes a disk from control of VxVM. Creates a striped or RAID-5 volume. Refreshing an instant space-optimized snapshot. Destroys a disk group and releases its disks. Creating a striped volume.

Handling conflicting configuration copies. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Creates a volume with mirrored data plexes on separate controllers. But the last disk can not be removed. This example shows how to escape it in a bash shell. Re-enables a plex for use. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Creating a shared cache object.

VxVM Tutorials : Creating Volume and file system

Posted in VxVm Leave a Comment. Grows a volume to a specified size or by a specified amount. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Encapsulation — Disk is taken under VxVM control when it is initialized but the data is preserved in this method.

If you are using the Bourne or Korn shell sh or kshuse the commands: Adds a disk to a disk group. No data on the plex or chdat does not know what state the data is in. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Some use ful commands vxtask: You are commenting using your WordPress.


Lists all paused tasks.

VxVM Tutorials : Creating Volume and file system – The Geek Diary

Displaying disk group information. It will overlap with the existing subdisk.

Initializes and starts a volume for use. Takes a space-optimized instant snapshot of a volume. Takes a plex offline for maintenance. All the data already present on the disk is erased. Initialization — When a disk is initialized a private and public region is created on vxv, disk placed under VxVM control and VM disk header information is written to the private region.

Clears the offline state for a disk device. Refreshes a snapshot from its original volume. You are commenting using your WordPress. Growing the existing storage by adding a new LUN.

It is recommended that you add the following directories to your Vxvk environment variable:. Converts between a layered volume and a non-layered volume layout. The vxdctl utility manages aspects of the state of cgeat volume configuration daemon vxconfigd and also manages aspects of configuration for bootstrapping the rootdg disk group.

As you can see in the output above, a plex with one subdisk is created which comprises the volume myvol.

Reverses the direction of a paused volume relayout. Administering disks lists commands for administering disks.